Rwanda Scouts Association(RSA) is the largest and outstanding youth development organization in Rwanda. Rwanda Scouts Association is a permanent member of World Organization of Scouting Movement since 1975. Scouting in Rwanda was established in 1950 and now it has more than 35,500 boys and girls scouts.

Scouting is an international, education non-profit movement for young people open to all boys and girls without any kind of discrimination related to: religion, race, origin, ethnicity and gender. The movement was founded by Lord Robert Baden Powell, a general in England army in 1907 at Brownsea Island in England. Rwanda Scouts Association has grown many leaders of the country and it believes that teaching and motivating young people is a key to building a more creative, productive and ethical community.


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Uruhare rw’Umuryango w’Abaskuti mu Kurera Urubyiruko Rw’u Rwanda

Umuryango w’Abaskuti ni umuryango utegamiye kuri leta cyangwa idini washinzwe n’ umusirikare mu ngabo z’u Bwongereza, Lt. General Robert Baden Powel mu mwaka w’ 1912.    U Rwanda mu marushanwa  y’abaskuti bo muri EAC, Arusha-Tanzania. Umufotozi: LT  V. Rucyahana (2016) Nkuko tubikesha urubuga scouts.org.uk, uyu muryango watangiriye m’ u Bwongereza none ubu uri gukorera mu … Continue reading Uruhare rw’Umuryango w’Abaskuti mu Kurera Urubyiruko Rw’u Rwanda

Global Support Assessment in Liechtenstein: Learning for a Bright Future

Retrieved from: https://www.scout.org/node/243006 A sunny sky, amazing alpine surroundings, a local music festival (Beiza Festival) and most importantly very committed Scouts: an ideal setting for another Global Support Assessment (GSAT). And a proof that GSAT works not only for big NGOs in Europe but also for one of the smallest Scout associations in the European Scout … Continue reading Global Support Assessment in Liechtenstein: Learning for a Bright Future

East Africa Zonal Scouts Competitions

Today, scouting is more developed than it was before. Last year, Rwanda Scouts Association attended East African Inter-patrol competition in Nairobi Kenya. There were three patrols that attended those competitions. Those patrols are: Peaceful Kangaroo from Gasabo District, Clever Rabbit from Gasabo District and Peace Builders from Karubanda Secondary School. Those patrols represented well the … Continue reading East Africa Zonal Scouts Competitions

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